Public Safety

Public Safety in Montrose is a top priority. Use this page to find information about the many organizations dedicated to keeping the Montrose community safe and orderly.

Animal Services
Provides services related to animal control and animal sheltering in Montrose.

Code Enforcement
Code enforcement ensures compliance with city regulations and responds to citizen complaints. The code enforcement officer monitors the community for code violations involving weeds, nuisances, snow removal, signs, and other issues.

Montrose County Sheriff
The Montrose Country Sheriff's Office (MCSO) has over 100 employees who work in the Patrol Division, Communications, Detention Center, Work Release, Civil Office, Victims Advocate, Records, and Sheriff's Office Administration. The Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction includes all of the unincorporated areas of Montrose County and also coordinates search and rescue efforts in Montrose County.

Emergency Preparedness
Information regarding the county hazard mitigation plan, emergency operations plan, fire plan, mobile alerts, and more.

Fire Protection District
The Montrose Fire Protection District (MFPD) provides fire-fighting services for the City of Montrose. After the MFPD took charge of these services in 1977, a mill levy increase was approved to finance their operations independent of the city.

Police Department
The Montrose Police Department provides law enforcement services to the area within the city limits. It is comprised of 43 sworn officers and 14 civilian employees. These employees provide services in the Administrative, Patrol, Investigations, and Records Divisions of the department.